Top 5 places that you should visit when in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a city that is full of many places that are worth a visit. However, to single out only the top 5 is indeed a tough job. There are a few places that you should definitely visit when in the city.

There are numerous hotels of Ahmedabad in which you can book your stay when in the city. You can also make these bookings online before arriving in the city. Once you reach the city, here are the top 5 places that you should definitely visit:

  • The Sabarmati Ashram:Needless to say, the abode and brainchild of Gandhiji, the main leader of the Indian freedom struggle is a must visit. People flock to see the HridayKunj, which is the cottage in the Sabarmati Ashram where the Mahatma used to stay. Many academic lectures and events are also conducted within the ashram premises from time to time, which one can also attend if interested.


  • The Thor Lake: You should definitely head out to this lake if you visit the city during the winters. You will be able to see the beauty of not only over 200 species of birds but you will also be able to enjoy the rare sight of some uncommon migratory birds.

Thor Lake

  • The Manek Chowk: If you love food, especially a midnight snack then this is the perfect place to visit. You have to visit this place at night to enjoy the foodie night life that the chowk enjoys. You will be able to enjoy delicious sandwiches as well as some authentic vegetarian gujarati dishes.


  • Kankaria Lake: You will be surprised with the huge number of lakes that are located in the city. Of them the Kankaria Lake is pretty well known. You will be able to access this lake from any one of the 4 star hotels ahmedabad viavarious means of public transport available. This lake is believed to have had a water purification system!

Kankaria Lake


  • The Kite Museum: If you want to experience the cultural side of this city then do head out to the kite museum to witness the delightful craftsmanship and enjoy the bright colours of the various kites in display over here!

Kite Museum

So, when in the city, you have to visit these top 5 places. Start making your sightseeing itinerary today!


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